DIY Recording



12pm - 7pm Tuesdays

Occasional weekend workshops


30 minute one on one lesson - $35
60 minute one on one lesson - $60
Longer sessions (including full day sessions) can also be arranged


12 years and older

About the lessons and recordings

Lessons with Harry will range from the absolute basics of recording, in its most accessible form, to more advanced recording, mixing and mastering techniques. This all depends on the level of the student and will be tailored for each individual.

A lesson with Harry can involve any of the below, and much more.

  • The basics of recording with Harry includes learning about:

    • Different types of microphones

    • How sound works

    • Compression

    • EQ

    • How to work a recording interface such as Garage Band or Ableton

    • How to record and edit drums, guitar, vocals, keys, synth, bass guitar, and any other instrument you can think of

  • Harry can help you record your own song or album:

    • If you already have songs written and ready to record, you can record them each week with Harry by your side, and soon enough, you have an album of originals as well as the knowledge and skills to record anything on your own.

  • Make film clips:

    • Once you’ve recorded your songs, work with Harry to put a video to it

    • Learn how to use iMovie

About Harry

Harry is a self trained musician and composer. He studied studio production at SAE Institute, Brisbane, and has been playing solo and in bands since the early 2000’s. He has been writing, recording and producing his own music under the moniker hjpierce since 2010. Harry’s approach to recording music is focused on creativity and experimentation. He strongly believes in making it accessible for as many people as possible and encouraging the use of what ever tools an individual has at there disposal, even if its a $20 guitar and an iPhone.

Below are a few of the many musical masterpieces Harry has crafted. He played all instruments, recorded and produced everything on his own, and made the music videos as well. How lucky are we to have this guy teaching at The Buttery!